The journey that led to the creation of Nunc has been extraordinary in its own right.

We thrived to condense its vastness and depth into a simple concept and a minimalistic design. Behind every detail, though, lies a deeper symbolic meaning.

Nunc is a word present in Horace's Odes I:XI on "Carpe Diem", seize the moment.

The practice of mindfulness is associated with eastern philosophies, and rightly so. However, the western world also had a longstanding tradition of mindfulness. That tradition is Stoicism. Ancient Stoics condensed their interpretation of living in the moment in two polarizing formulas: the satisfaction of desire [hic et nunc, here and now] and the cultivation of self-awareness [memento mori, remember you have to die].

The three treasures of Focus, Relax, Connect draw their inspiration from the far east, and in particular from Taoist Neidan, or inner alchemy.

According to Neidan, the human body is a laboratory in which the Three Treasures of Jing (creative energy), Qi (life energy), and Shen (spiritual energy) are cultivated, for the purpose of improving physical, mental, and spiritual health to infinitely expand one's life.

The stones are a symbol of transmutation

Just as external alchemy is about transmuting base metals into gold, inner alchemy is about transmuting the inner self into its best version. Stones played a key role in alchemy: the philosopher's stone, the Chintamani. For this reason the stone takes a central role on our timepieces, blending light and darkness, the black and the white.

Behind every detail lies a symbol, a meaning. 

The list can go on: the circle, the marble, the seed, the square, the mountain, the three symbols. Find your own symbolic meaning.