Bianco Carbon

Bianco Carbon


Each Nunc is unique, as unique are marble patterns.

The metal case, casted from the highest grade 316 stainless steel, carries a prestigious white Carrara marble stone. The wooden packaging, hand-crafted with traditional tools, is designed to transform into a pot, where you can plant the seed of Moringa, also known as the Tree of Life.

All of the handcrafted elements ensure that each Nunc is like no other and carries with it its own sense of flair. Rare and exceptional.
Be present. The time is now.

Designed in Sweden. Made in Italy.

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Country of origin Italy

Case material Stainless steel 316 machined from a single block

Stone White Carrara marble with natural finish

Strap and case color Carbon black

Case thickness 5.5 mm

Diameter 38 mm

Strap width 20 mm

Packaging Handcrafted wooden Fraxinus pot with Moringa seed

Water resistance Yes

Note Featuring natural marble, each stone is unique and like no other



HOW TO PRACTICE Activate your senses.

Touch the stone on your timepiece and recognise its very being. Feel the textures, the temperature. Feel the energy flowing between you. Reflect upon yourself and become aware of your breathing. Observe the rhythm and feel your body become more energised with each breath. Allow everything to be. Feel yourself truly embracing the present moment and recognising that the time is now.

When was the last time you had a moment of absolute presence?

Your Nunc becomes a strong statement, a way of life: a reminder to be present, to capture opportunities as they present themselves. Ancient Stoics condensed their interpretation of living in the moment in two polarizing formulas: the satisfaction of desire through Carpe Diem [hic et nunc, here and now] and the cultivation of self-awareness [memento mori, remember you have to die].




We are trying to keep our CO2 footprint to the minimum by leveraging artisanal processes and materials, with most of our partners in Italy within a short drive from one another. We have estimated that the production of one timepiece creates 1.8kg of CO2e.

Our goal is to over-compensate our carbon footprint impact. For this reason we have decided to support the Swedish organization Vi-Skogen, active in planting trees in developing countries, while taking local populations out of poverty.